About Kamanawa Foundation

Established in 1994, the Kamanawa Foundation is a Kauai-based non-profit organization. Its mission is to preserve, promote and perpetuate the Native Hawaiian culture, including the language, social values, arts, crafts and music, primarily through the study of hula. The Kamanawa Foundation hosts three annual events that highlight hula and Polynesian performing arts including the Kauai Polynesian Festival, Holiday Hula Celebration, and Kauai Hula Exhibition.

Kapu Kinimaka-Alquiza The Kamanawa Foundation is led by Kapu Kinimaka-Alquiza, Kumu hula of Halau Na Hula o Kaohikukapulani. Kumu Kinimaka-Alquiza and her halau have been producing large-scale events on Kauai for more than 20 years, and have been recognized throughout the world for achievements in hula and Polynesian performing arts. Kumu Kinimaka-Alquiza travels to Japan several times a year to teach Polynesian arts in more than 10 prefectures throughout the country. Halau Na Hula O Kaohikukapulani also works with travel industry professionals by providing performances in hotels and at other visitor events throughout the year.





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