Heather Jose, Manarii Gauthier Take Top Honors at Kaua`i Polynesian Festival

Memorial Day Weekend Ablaze with the Fire of Polynesia

LIHU`E, Hawai`i, May 31, 2005 –The Kamanawa Foundation’s 5th Annual Kaua`i Polynesian Festival
wowed visitors and kama`aina alike this past weekend by presenting a colorful variety of cultural offerings,
including dance competitions, crafts, food, workshops, and other entertainment at the Kukui Grove Park Pavilion.
Heather Jose and Manarii Gauthier, both of Te Vai Ura Nui Halau, were named the 2005 Vahine Polynesia and
2005 Tane Polynesia, respectively, the overall winners for the Tahitian Ori (solo) contest.
“I would like to commend all dance competitors who participated this year,” said Kaua`i Polynesian
Festival director Kapu Kinimaka-Alquiza. “They sure gave it their all and kept us entertained with their skill and
creativity. And, of course congratulations to Heather Jose and Manarii Gauthier and all those who took home
With the Royal Ali`i Court welcoming in another year of Polynesian celebration, guests of the opening
night’s festivities on Thursday evening at the Radisson Kaua`i Beach Resort were given a feast for the senses.
The event included a Polynesian pageant of traditional and contemporary dance costumes, a sumptuous dinner
buffet, and Polynesian music and dance from the islands of Tahiti, Samoa, Hawai`i and Aotearoa, New Zealand.
Guests were also treated to performances by Halau Hula Olana, Kumu Hula Olana A`i and the energizing 2005
Kaua`i Polynesian Festival House Drummers from O`ahu, Te Vai Ura Nui.
The Festival kicked into high gear on Friday at the Kukui Grove Park Pavilion with an extravaganza of
island foods, authentic arts and crafts, and events for children. In the afternoon, a Polynesian fashion show put
on by the Kaua`i Polynesian Festival craft vendors took center stage, followed by a welcoming ceremony of the
host culture, Hawai`i, for the representatives of New Zealand. After the Maori contingent reciprocated with
powerful chants and prayers of their native New Zealand, the action dance and “poi ball” competitions were held.
Excitement continued to build as hula competitions played out with groups of various ages performing ancient
kahiko dance and modern auwana dance.
Saturday’s entertainment continued with mesmerizing Tahitian group competitions and exhibitions by the
2004 Overall Vahine and Tane Polynesia, Shawna Tamayose and Jerrold Martinez. “Their performances were so
inspiring and certainly electrified our audience,” stated Kinimaka-Alquiza.
In another protocol ceremony, the islands of Tahiti and Samoa paid respect to host Hawai`i with their
cultural gift exchange and dances of welcome. “Hearts were pumping once again to the thrilling drums of Te Vai
Ura Nui, during their Tahitian Otea Exhibition,” said Kinimaka-Alquiza. “Thereafter, the Samoan Fireknife Dance
Competition was ushered in with a fabulous exhibition by 2004’s Fire Knife World Champion, Alex Galeai.”
Tahitian-focused competitions and exhibitions continued on Sunday, culminating in an award ceremony
recognizing all competitors and honoring the champions of their given crafts. The solo first place winners from the
Tahitian Ori, Maori, Keiki Kahiko, and Opio Kahiko categories took home beautiful black pearl pendants donated
by B&B Tahitian Pearls.
Kauai’s Mayor Bryan Baptiste acknowledged the outstanding talent showcased at this year’s event,
before presenting the Mayor’s Trophy to the Best Overall Tahitian Group, Te Hamata.
Heather Jose and Manarii Gauthier were presented their titles after vying for the honors by going up
against all first place seniors, ages 13 and over, Tahitian Ori (Solo) winners.
“A big mahalo to all those who came out to participate or, simply, just enjoy the festivities and to our
wonderful sponsors,” noted Kinimaka-Alquiza. “What a joy it’s been to have another successful year of sharing
and celebrating our diverse island history.”
Sponsors for the event included, B&B Tahitian Pearls, County of Kaua`i, Hawaiian Airlines, Hawai`i
Tourism Authority, Hawai`i Visitors Bureau, Hilo Hattie’s, Kukui Grove Shopping Center, Lomi Records,
Polynesian Cultural Center, Radisson Kaua`i Beach Resort, The JK Show, and Wala`au.
Established in 1994, the Kamanawa Foundation is a Kaua`i-based non-profit organization. Its mission is
to preserve, promote and perpetuate the Native Hawaiian culture, including the language, social values, arts,
crafts and music, primarily through the study of hula. The Kamanawa Foundation hosts three annual events that
highlight hula and Polynesian performing arts including the Kaua`i Polynesian Festival, Holiday Hula Celebration,
and Kaua`i Hula Exhibition.
The results for the 2005 Kaua`i Polynesian Festival competitions are as follows:
Ages 4-6:
1st Place (name, halau): Kalawena Kalehuawehe, Te Tiare O Patetifa
2nd Place: Raita Teriipaia, Tamarii A Hiva
Ages 7-9:
1st Place: Shandy Hopeau, Tiare Ura O Tahiti
2nd Place: Kuulei Tolentino, Polynesian Paradise
3rd Place: Wailele Brown, Heiura
Ages 10-12:
1st Place: Shayna Soma, Tiare Ura o Tahiti
2nd Place: Zakiya Nalei Twiggs, Ka Pa Kanaenae o Kaua`i Iki
3rd Place: Chelsea Clement, Manutahi
Ages 13-17:
1st Place: Toatautali, Tamarii A Hiva
2nd Place: Vaitiare Napa`a, Tamarii A Hiva
3rd Place: Tali Goeas,Maohinui
Ages 18-21:
1st Place: Heather Jose, Te Vai Ura Nui
2nd Place: Keala Whitfor, Te Hamata
3rd Place: Maile L. Landreth, Tahiti Toa
Ages 22-25:
1st Place: Sina Hanohano,Te Hamata
2nd Place: Tiare Tenari, Te Tiare o Petitifa
3rd Place: Keola Eugenio, Te Tiare o Patitifa
Ages 26-30:
1st Place: Kathleen Heinrichs, Independent
2nd Place: Keaukaha Carveiro, Polynesian Paradise
Ages 31-39:
1st Place: Carmen Meilai Twiggs, Ka Pa Kanaenae o Kaua`i Iki
2nd Place: Leko Shimazu, Heiura
Ages 40+:
1st Place: Mahealani Lee, Polynesian Paradise
Ages 7-9:
1st Place: Brandon Pono Thompson,Tiare O Patitifa
Ages 10-12:
1st Place: Emmsley James Drake, Rohotu
2nd Place: Ben Fonoimoana, Tamani A Hia
3rd Place: Tigi Hill, Nonosina O`ahu
Ages 13-17:
1st Place: Kaihoku Tolentino, Polynesian Paradise
2nd Place: Jed Rivera, Te Tiare o Patitifa
Ages 18-21:
1st Place: Micah Kahaiali`i, Te Hamata
2nd Place: Fareura Isidoro, Te Vai Ura Nui
Ages 22-25:
1st Place: Manarii Gauthier, Te Vai Ura Nui
2nd Place: Kamuela Hepa, Parau api te fa`a ite
Ages 26-30:
1st Place: Lono Hanohano,Te Hamata
Ages 31-39:
1st Place: Scott Kalehuawehe, Te Tiare o Patitifa
1st Place: Miki Akoi & Lono Hanohano, Te Hamata
2nd Place: Kaihoku Tolentino & Keanuhea Kaneo, Polynesian Paradise OTEA
Ages 6-12:
1st Place: Tamarii A Hiva
2nd Place: Heiura
3rd Place: Te Tiare Patitifa
Ages 13+:
1st Place: Te Hamata
Ages 6-12:
1st Place: Tamarii A Hiva
2nd Place: Te Tiare Patitifa
3rd Place: Heiura
Ages 13+:
1st Place: Te Hamata
Ages 13+:
1st Place: Te Hamata
2nd Place: Polynesian Paradise
3rd Place: Te Tiare Patitifa
DRUMMING (judged during Otea)
1st Place: Tamarii A Hiva
2nd Place: Te Hamata
3rd Place: Heiura
1st Place: Polynesian Paradise
1st Place: Keanuhea Kaneo, Polynesian Paradise
2nd Place: Toatautali Hill, T
amarii A Hiva
3rd Place: Tiana La Rosa, Polynesian Paradise
1st Place: Halau Hula Olana, Olana & Howard Ai
2nd Place: Kalamaolaimaluhialani, Nathan Kalama
3rd Place: Na Kupuna O Lihue Senior Center, Beverly Muraoka
Ages 6-12:
1st Place: Uranuihia Fonoimoana,Tamarii A Hiva
2nd Place: Cheyenne Fonoimoana, Tamarii A Hiva
Ages 13-17:
1st Place: Miloli`i Dagupion, Halau Hula Na Pua Pakipika
2nd Place: J. Keanuhea Kaneo, Polynesian Paradise
3rd Place: Nohea Catugal, Halau Hula Na Pua Pakipika
Ages 6-12:
1st Place: Lanakila Kuhaulua Rita, Halau Palihiwa O Kaipuwai
2nd Place: Brandon Thompson, Halau Hula Na Pua Pakipika
3rd Place: Kamaka Premacio, Tamarii A Hiva
Ages 13-17:
1st Place: Kaihoku Tolentino, Polynesian Paradise
2nd Place: Aikane Alapa`i, Halau Palihiwa O Kaipuwai
1ST OVERALL KAIKAMAHINE (GIRL) POLYNESIA: Miloli`i Dagupion, Halau Hula Na Pua Pakipika
1ST OVERALL KAMAKANE (BOY) POLYNESIA: Kaihoku Tolentino, Polynesian Paradise
Ages 6-12:
1st Place: Julius Tafiti,Tamarii A Hiva
2nd Place: James Ahuna, O`ahu
3rd Place: Dallian Muti,Te Hamata
Ages 13-17:
1st Place: Jaz Castillo,O`ahu
2nd Place: Michael Ahuna,O`ahu
3rd Place: Kaihoku Tolentino, Polynesian Paradise
Ages 18+:
1st Place: Tuman Oto,O`ahu
2nd Place: Kap Tafiti,O`ahu
3rd Place: David Ahuna,O`ahu
2005 TANE POLYNESIA (OVERALL WINNER): Manarii Gauthier,Te Vai Ura Nui
1st OVERALL BEST MUSIC AWARD: Kalamaolaimaluhialani, Nathan Kalama

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